Hey! Hey! Hey! Yes, I know I said “hey” 3 times and there’s a good reason. Today I’m giving you 3 of my best fat-loss tips. Okay, maybe that wasn’t a good reason but it made sense in my head. HA! ?

Let’s jump right into it…

Fat-Loss Tip #1 – Watch Your Sodium Intake

I should start off by explaining that sodium is NOT table salt. Avoiding table salt doesn’t mean you’re safe from high sodium consumption. Sodium is hidden in many popular foods!

As a Coach, I recommend my clients stay around 1,500mg or less per day. Check the foods you eat that have a label – you know the thing the clerk scans at checkout. That means containers, cans, boxes, bags or jars.

If it’s packaged then it’s probably PACKED with sodium. One of my clients started watching her sodium intake and lost 6 pounds in a week and saw less bloat in her belly. That’s REAL results without even doing one pushup.

Fat-Loss Tip #2 – Look For Hidden Sugar

We all know what the common culprits of sugar look like – candy, cookies, cake and cotton candy. Anyone else notice all of those things start with a “C”?

Enough fooling around Dustin, back to the matter at hand. Sugar can be found in most condiments – ketchup, bbq sauce, salad dressings and even peanut butter.

Look through your cabinets and refrigerator for condiments with hidden sugar and get rid of them. You will thank me down the road when you see pounds of fat melt off. And guess what, still NO exercise needed.

Fat-Loss Tip 3 – Get Your Lift On

Okay, I need to talk about exercise for this one. Strength training is the most beneficial type of exercising. It beats running, crunches and countless hours on the cardio machines.

That’s because strength training builds lean muscle tissues which increases your natural metabolic engine. And I want you to have V8!

More muscle = more calories burned at rest.

There are multiple forms of strength training including free weights (dumbbells and barbells), resistance bands and even bodyweight training can be used to put your muscles under resistance. Do a slow motion pushup and you will feel the resistance every step of the way!

Are you ready to put these tips into action?

If you are having trouble doing it on your own, then it’s time to use an accountability system that will keep you in check.

That’s where I come in.

I want to help you get there. To get started, we just need to jump on a 10-minute Fitness Game Plan Call so I can listen to your goals.

Once I know what you want to achieve, I will give you my recommendation on a fitness program and nutrition plan that make sense for you.

Schedule a free 10 minute call so I can complete a full assessment and see if my 1-1 coaching program is right for you.

Talk soon!
-Coach Dustin