One of the biggest fallacies in the fitness industry is that more is better. We tend to overdo good things and quickly find that it can have a negative result.

You can die from over hydration (rare but possible), you can binge watch a season of a TV show and sit for far too many hours and you can over-exercise.

Our bodies have a fine balance when they are placed under stress. Too much can have a negative result but the right dosage can signal our bodies to adapt and become stronger and more resilient to that stress.

A simple example is exposure to sunlight. Get an appropriate amount of sunlight and your skin will darken. Darker skin is harder to burn and your body is now more resilient to sunlight. That’s why people closer to the equator have naturally developed darker skin while people further from it have lighter skin.

But if you get too much sunlight, you can get a sunburn. That’s your bodies way of saying you put too much stress on me and I can’t adapt to it.

The same happens with resistance training. Someone who steps foot in the gym for the first time and does 10 bodyweight squats will likely be sore the next day. But if you have an avid exerciser do 10 squats, they feel nothing.

It’s the right dose for one person and not enough for the next. That’s why resistance training is one of the best ways to keep your body challenged without adding more time to your workouts. Instead of increasing duration, you increase the weight.

I share this with you because the answer to getting better results isn’t devoting more time to the gym. It’s about finding the right dose to keep your body challenged.

You can get results forever with a 30 minute workout if you continue to put the appropriate amount of stress on your body. We want the tanning effect, not the sunburn.

Hope this helps you to get better results!!