This is a powerful lesson that is related to your response to stress. If we look at the 3 foods below (carrot, egg and coffee beans), we know they have a different response to boiling water.

The boiling water represents stress and each food has a different reaction to that same stress.

The carrot started off firm and got soft. This is the equivalent of whining, complaining and gossiping about problems. It’s the soft response and doesn’t lead to a long term solution.

The egg was the opposite. It had a soft shell and become hardened. This is response common to people who bottle up their stress. Eventually they “crack” and they lash out, respond with a short temper and act hard.

The last food is the coffee bean. It literally transforms the environment it’s put in. The water is no longer water when you add the coffee beans, it becomes coffee.

The question is….how do you respond to stress and adversity?

  •  Do you get soft and give up? (carrot)
  •  Do you get hard and act out of anger? (egg)
  •  Or do you change the circumstances around you? (coffee bean)

People who act like the coffee bean do not allow outside factors to decide their fate, they bend the world to their will. They upgrade everyone and everything around them. They change the environment.

FitFam, you are Ambassadors of Exercise, Heroes of Health, Presidents of Pushups and Leaders of Fitness.

You are the coffee bean to the people in your life. When they watch you you do, what you eat and the habits you live out daily, they will follow your lead.

Change their life by leading from the front and showing them how to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s the best way to change your environment….and theirs.