Yogurt is one of the most popular options for healthy snacks. But most people don’t know that yogurt can also be PACKED with sugar. Sometimes enough sugar that it’s equivalent to a candy bar.

That’s when I get questions like…

  • Which brand is the best for fat-loss?
  • Should I have regular yogurt or greek yogurt?
  • What do you look for before buying it?

Yes, greek yogurt is high in protein if you buy the RIGHT one. Here’s a couple helpful tips to spot a greek yogurt that can support your goals instead of slowing you down.

I wouldn’t get too attached to a BRAND. Pay attention to the ingredients and the macronutrients.

I recommend greek yogurt where the label shows that there’s MORE protein than sugar. Most standard yogurt (Dannon / Yoplait) have 25 grams of sugar and 8-10 grams of protein.

Fage, Voskos, Chobani and Stonyfield have great options with high protein content. But they also have flavored versions that are high in sugar.

I look for yogurt that has 18+ grams of protein and 8 grams or less of sugar. I also stay away from artificial flavors and want to get something organic.

I hope this blog helped you to navigate the yogurt section and get a yogurt that supports your goals, and not slow them down!