Hey LTW Warriors!! I know that finding healthy foods that are kid friendly can be really challenging. Most of the foods at the store are highly processed and artificially colored and flavored.

At Costco, I recently found a lightly breaded chicken nugget that’s high protein (16g), low carb (9g) and it’s made with hormone / antibiotic free chickens.

My kids love them and it only took 25 min in the oven for them to be warmed up to perfection.

PRO TIP: I love InstaCart because they will do your shopping for you and drop it off at your doorstep. They actually have a deal with Costco where you can have an InstaCart shopper go there on your behalf EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE A MEMBERSHIP.

That’s a big win for everyone to have access to their awesome selection! Have a great Saturday everyone.