The scale is NOT your friend. So many people get trapped into attaching their results to a stupid machine invented by humans. It’s a tool. One of MANY ways to track progress. It’s actually one of the worst ways to track progress in my opinion.

Better ways to track results are…
✅ Tracking total inches
✅ Progress photos
✅ Strength gains
✅ How you’re feeling

A huge no-no is weighing yourself at night. Your body can fluctuate between 4-6 pounds from the morning to the evening. I promise you didn’t eat 21,000 calories in a day to gain 6 lbs.

It’s the weight of the food in your digestive tract, water (hopefully you’re drinking quite a bit) and many other factors.The next morning you can weigh more too if you have a food with more sodium which is most processed foods and dining out options. Weight fluctuates. It will drive you crazy. It’s just a number. Don’t attach meaning to it.

Many people have a wave of emotions hit them after they weigh-in. They say words like “slob”, “pig”, “sloppy” or “undisciplined”. Stop labeling yourself with negative words based on your weight.

Checking your weight can serve as a wake up call if it’s getting to a dangerous place for your health but it shouldn’t contribute to negative self talk. That only makes things worse!

The good news is that you can take action and change things to improve it. And the body responds quickly once you start showing it love and taking care of it.

Need help getting started? Send me a DM and I can get you on our next program that’s right for you. We have nutrition and workout packages as well and nutrition-only packages for those that can’t get to the gym.