Hey FitFam!! It’s another great week ahead of getting better physically and mentally. Today I wanted to share a concept that can create a ripple effect that can heavily impact your family.

If you ever saw the movie The Matrix then you probably remember that Neo is referred to as “The One”.

There was a prophecy that “The One” would come and change their world forever and save everyone.

Well I’m a firm believer that you can be “The One” for your family. You can create generations of healthy people by being “The One” that leads a healthy lifestyle now.

Think about that…if you are living a healthy lifestyle and raising kids who do the same, they will pass it to their kids and their kids for generations.

All because one person stepped up and made a change.

It all begins with one thing that leads to another. It’s a domino effect and I want to reverse engineer those dominos for you.


We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. If you want to be a healthy person, hang out with healthy people. Join fitness Facebook Groups, follow fitness accounts and spend time with fitness minded people. You will shift your decisions based on what you see other people doing. Make sure you have the right relationships surrounding you.


Next is the decisions you make based on what is influencing you. If you hangout with people who eat healthy and exercise regularly, you will do the same. Each decision is a vote for the person you want to be. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip off, it’s what we do the majority of the time that we identify as. Decide to make healthier choices 80% of the time!


When you are surrounded by the right people and you are making more pro-health decisions, you will start to see outcomes. Better sleep, less body fat, more energy, higher confidence. These are all the things you can’t see until you stay consistent for a long period of time.


The person who has relationships with other health minded people, makes health conscious decisions and is seeing healthy outcomes will be “The One” to create a healthy legacy. This is the part of the journey that isn’t realized for decades but you will be glad you did it.

We all need a very strong reason to do anything for an extended period of time. Things will get hard and without a deep emotional driver, it can be easy to quit.
One of the most powerful ways to stay motivated is to think about the generations that will be affected by your actions. They need you to lead the way.

If you have an unhealthy family history (like I do), then your family is depending on you to be “The One” to change things.

Your domino of decisions can create healthy families for generations to come. Let’s do the things that set up our family and future family members to live long and strong!