Allow me to introduce you to momma Bogle. She is down two pant sizes in just 30 days. But here’s the truth…for years, she wouldn’t take my advice on weight loss.

What’s funny is that I often find the same situations with other Coaches I talk to. They help hundreds of strangers to lose weight but the people closest to them won’t take their advice.

They might put that person in the box of “son” or “spouse” or “sister”. They might not look at them as an expert because they’ve know them their whole life.

In fact, I helped thousands of people to lose weight for 16 years but my mom would listen to Dr. Oz over me. If he said buy Raspberry Keytones to burn fat, she would race to vitamin shoppe and buy a bottle.

So, what changed? She moved in with me!!

She immediately started following our family habits while the home builders finish building her new home.

We go for walks every night, we eat healthy meals, we eat often, drink only water and have homemade treats with lower sugar.

She lost 2 dress sizes with zero workouts and no meal plan. Her environment changed and it changed her.

Spend more time with people who are healthy and it will happen to you by osmosis. Spend time with unhealthy people and you move less and eat more junk.