Hey FitFam!! The Monday after a long weekend can be tough for some folks to get back into the swing of things. I thought I would share a quick story that I heard over the weekend that might apply to you.

There was a woman who owned a canary. She loved her bird because it would sing and make beautiful sounds in her home all day.

She was cleaning it’s cage one day with a vacuum. She dropped something on the floor and as she bent to pick it up, she accidentally pointed the vacuum hose toward her canary and sucked it into the vacuum.

She immediately opened the vacuum and was relieved to find the canary still alive. It was totally filthy, covered in dust and dirt but she was very grateful it was alive.

She put it back in the cage and apologized over and over again for sucking it into the vacuum. The problem is that from that day forward, the canary never sang again.

It connected pain (getting sucked into the vacuum) to singing so it chose to be silent moving forward.

  • What pain have you experienced in your life that caused you to stop singing?
  • What “dirt” did you get covered in that scarred you?

We all have experienced trauma, setbacks, obstacles and hardship. We can choose to hide inside ourselves and not anyone in. We can stop experiencing joy and get a hard shell.

In short, we can stop singing.

But you can choose to change that now. You can choose to see the good in your life, the blessings and everything that is going right even with the difficulties that have come with them.

You can choose to do things that make you happy – exercising, connecting with friends, making new friends, eating right, reading books and listening to podcasts that help you develop.

You can sing again if you’ve lost it.

If you over consumed this weekend, dust yourself and get back to your healthy habits.

If you feel like you’ve been in a funk, dust yourself and get back to your healthy habits.

If the holidays are a tough time for you, definitely stick to healthy habits and spend more time with people who make you laugh.

Have a great Monday FitFam!!