Hey!! I know many of you are chasing goals and I wanted to share an inspirational story.

We all operate out of our BELIEFS.

In fact, we make decisions everyday based on what we believe or don’t believe. Here’s the interesting part…sometimes our beliefs DO NOT serve us.

Here’s a prime example…

Almost 70 years ago, the world BELIEVED that humans could not run a 4 minute mile. They believed it so much that scientists said that the human body would literally shut down and you would die.

No one ever ran a 4 minute mile before so everyone assumed the scientists and experts were correct. Until one man challenged that belief.

On May 6th, 1954, Roger Bannister ran a 4 minute mile.

Here’s the funny thing…within one year, twelve more people ran the 4 minute mile. So, what changed?

Only one thing…BELIEF.

Once Roger Bannister ran the 4 minute mile, everyone else now saw that it was possible and they trained to accomplish the same goal.

FitFam, if there’s one thing that the Coaches and I want to instill in you is that it’s possible to achieve your fitness goals. But the biggest factor involved is YOUR BELIEF.

The team and I, WE BELIEVE, and sometimes you need someone else to believe in you before you believe in yourself.

But if you don’t have belief, it doesn’t matter what we prescribe to you terms of training and nutrition.

The program and results will be sabotaged either consciously or subconsciously because we always make decisions based on belief.

I believe in YOU!
WE believe in YOU!
Do YOU believe in YOU?
You can only achieve what you believe.

Have a great day!!